Sorting Through The Overwhelming Options Of Today’s Convertible Car Seats

As an expectant Mom, I was quite shocked when I went car seat shopping for the first time. The number of available options as well as the different types of seats to choose from was a little hard to process at first. Luckily I had some friends who had just gone through the same experience that were able to shed some light on everything for me. The first thing they suggested was to decide which type of child seat was going to make the most sense for our family’s situation.

With a mind on our finances, we decided that getting a convertible child seat made the most sense for us. We really did not want to end up having to buy a new seat every two or three years, so this seemed like the logical choice. Once that was set, then we could set out to find the right convertible car seat that would be the most suitable for our family. This let us really zero in on a few models and made things a lot easier for us. With that in mind, we thought we would do the same for you.

Convertible Car Seats On Our Short List

Now we were lucky enough to have a rather healthy budget when we went shopping, but there were also a few budget-friendly models that appealed to us. Below are some of the more appealing car seats that we realistically considered.

Britax Marathon ClickTight

This particular seat seemed to have the right balance of safety and convenience features at the price point we were hoping to come in at. Britax is a highly reputable brand with a proven track record for making high quality seats for kids. We really were intrigued by the “ClickTight” system on their seats that led to easy installation. We planned on moving it between two different cars and we did not want to get something that was a pain to deal with every day. This model had a lot going for it.

  • Excellent side impact protection with padded foam designed to absorb energy from a crash.
  • Easy installation that is laid out well and is easy to follow.
  • Easy to maintain materials that are plush and comfortable.
  • Easy to adjust harness and buckle. No fuss to get the right fit on your child.
  • Mid-range price that made it extremely appealing to us.

The Marathon ClickTight also got excellent feedback and reviews from parents which helped raise our confidence level. But did we buy this one? Find out in a bit.

Chicco NextFit Zip

This also sounded like a winner for us as the ability to unzip the seat cover and drop it in the washing machine sounded almost too good to be true. We know that kids are a mess waiting to happen and to have something that could stand up to years of use and be able to easily wash when needed was indeed an ideal selling point.

  • Easy maintenance. The “Zip” is music to the ears of obsessed parents who must have everything tidy and clean.
  • Excellent safety features that shine in tests to meet all of the required standards for child seats.
  • Sturdy frame and strong construction that you can feel. You can definitely drive with peace of mind knowing your angel is protected in the back seat.
  • Superb ratings from parents that give it very high scores for its performance and every day ease of use.
  • Two cup holders, which is something to not overlook.

The NextFit Zip hits a lot of the important marks that we were looking for in a new seat. Its features and owner reviews put this at the top of our list after we got done reading about it.

Graco 4Ever

This seat from Graco is an all in one option that not only does everything an infant seat can do, but it even transforms into a booster seat when your child is big enough. It is designed to be the only seat that you will need and has an amazing 10 year lifespan which really sounded amazing to us.

A convertible seat that is rated for kids 5 to 110 pounds. It can handle the duties of an infant, convertible, and booster seat. You will really save a lot of money in the long term with only having to buy one seat.

  • Tested and passed all safety standards with formidable side impact protection.
  • Easy to install and use on an everyday basis with adjustable harness and multiple recline positions so you can achieve the perfect fit.
  • Cup holders which are a real blessing.
  • Fantastic overall value.

This is another safety seat that also gets raves from parents. This is important factor for us because we value the advice of those who have actual experience with their child seats. The Graco 4Ever gets very high feedback, which made our decision that much tougher.

And The Winner Is…

After reading some of the best convertible child car seat reviews we decided to go with the Chicco Nextfit Zip for a variety of reasons. I mentioned something about it being perfect for obsessed Moms who need everything to be clean, well I was talking about myself. The convenience that this child seat offers to quickly zip the seat cover on or off has been a godsend for me. It has indeed been a breeze to maintain and keep looking like new.

We absolutely love using this seat and our daughter really enjoys riding in it. She also loves to sleep in it which also makes for a happy driver. We do recognize that we are going to have to get a booster seat at some point, but in the mean time this model should be exactly what we need.

You really couldn’t go wrong with any of the choices above, and in all honesty, there are lots of other great choices out there. But these are the car seats that made our list as we looked to narrow things down and cut through the confusion. Hopefully, it has done the same for you.

Stephanie / October 2, 2017 / Health