Prepping For Laser Hair Removal

Part of feeling good for a lot of people is looking good and laser hair removal is a way that a lot of people try to accomplish this. It is not just for straight women, but it is growing in popularity across the board for men and women alike. If you plan on trying this method of hair removal, there are a few things that you can do before your appointment to make things go a little bit smoother (pun intended).

Individuals undergo laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair from body parts such as the chest, genital area, arms, fingers, feet, neck, face, fingers and armpits among others. While mostly safe and effective, there are extra precautions that customers should look into in order to prepare the skin for treatment.

People intending to undergo laser hair removal should first get a consultation to make sure that their hair and skin color/type is ideal for the treatment. Those with dark skin, or light hair may not see positive results or may even experience some possible side effects. This is important because the process involves some risks and treatment results are not always the same for all people. However, it is worth noting that majority of the patients who have undergone laser hair removal have achieved good results and do not regret at all.

Before undergoing a laser hair removal session there a few steps that should be taken to make sure you get the most out of the process. Not only can proper laser hair removal preparation ensure that the treatment will be effective, but it can also help lower the risk for possible complications. If you have scheduled a session or are looking into doing so, it will be prudent to know some simple steps to prepare yourself before going under the light.  In most cases, the clinician or facility that you have chosen will go over some of the following when you schedule an appointment.

Two to Four Weeks Before Session

Preparations for laser hair removal normally can begin twenty to thirty days after an individual has made the decision to undergo laser hair removal. The initial steps are not mandatory, but they can be extremely beneficial to the overall success of the treatment. If these steps are chosen they should commence a month or so before the first treatment to ensure that the skin and the unwanted hair are in good condition.

During this time, it is recommended that the patient stop some of his or her routine practices such as waxing the skin, tweezing or bleaching. This ensures that the laser removal is done on the hair and skin when in a healthy state. It is also important to avoid applying tanning creams and lotions from 4 weeks before undergoing laser treatment and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun because sunburns give poor results due to reddening of the skin. Therefore, patients should apply sunscreen if they intend to stay outdoors for an extended period of time.

The Day Before

A day before the treatment some of the preparations that should be made include shaving off all the hair from the parts to be treated and confirming your appointment with the laser hair removal specialist. All the hair should be shaved within 24 hours before undergoing the treatment. The shorter the hair the more effective the treatment will be, thus providing better results. Longer hairs can sometimes end up getting burned and this can filter down to the skin which is probably as painful as it sounds.  If you forget, don’t have time or are running late, whoever is doing the treatment will more than likely have equipment to shave the area being worked on for you. Avoid applying anything to the skin, such as moisturizer or other lotions on the day of treatment.

Post Treatment

After treatment it is also important for patients to take good care of their skin to ensure faster healing. Ice packs or cooling gels are normally provided to cool down the skin. At times the skin may look reddish after the treatment and be very sensitive to the touch. It is important to avoid direct sun rays and ensure that your skin is well hydrated. Apply post laser lotions as directed by your provider to speed up healing and reduce sensitivity and redness. This way, the skin can be back to its normal its condition usually within 2 days after treatment.

Preparing for your laser hair removal treatment can be extremely beneficial to seeing positive results. Always ask when you schedule a session what steps your particular establishment prefers their customers take before treatment begins. They all may be slightly different based on the equipment being used and their experience with patients.