Why You Should Be Running More

Running is one of the most basic, convenient, and primal methods to get in shape. It is something that we love to do when we are kids, but as we get older having the energy to build up speed is somewhat lacking. But to return to a healthier you, you have to move and running is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. There are many benefits of jogging besides getting to a healthy weight. By dedicating at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days out of the week, you can benefit from these major health advantages.

Reduces The Risk of Cancer

While running does not prevent cancer, it can reduce risk. In 2002, there were 170 epidemiological studies on exercise and the effects it may have on cancer. The results were positive, with cancer risk reduction ranging from 30 to as high as 70 percent. There were individual studies, however, tested on different body parts that cancer occurs. Prostate cancer had a reduction of risk from 10-30 percent. Colon cancer had a risk reduction of 40-70 percent and Breast cancer as well as Lung cancer 30-40 percent.

Helps Brain Activity

Aging is inevitable, but running and jogging can help your brain age healthily. The activity helps your brain function with sharper reactions, and increases the production of new nerve cells. As you age, the brain shrinks, but this exercise creates new blood vessels in the organ. The exercise increases the magnitude of the brain that aids memory, hearing and vision. Running also helps increase learning abilities and focus. Also, exercise can increase the amount of energy your brain can store. By starting to run early in life, these benefit’s are greater.

Strengthens Joints

Continuous activity can prolong the strength of joints and bones. By staying active, it can increase the mass of the bone. It has always been thought that running is damaging to the body, but it offers considerable health benefits. One of the best benefits of running has helped joints is in the knees. As you age, knee health can deteriorate. Running can prolong the wellness of knees and keep you active longer. Arthritis, a common disease that occurs due to the breakdown of cartilage between joints, can be less painful for runners. A study was started in 1984 and continued for years to understand the impact running had on arthritis pain. The runners were middle aged at the time and continued to run decades later. Results shown that individuals that ran had 25 percent less pain than those who did not.

Adds Years To Life

It has been proven that individuals who jog and run can add years to their life. Studies show that cancer survivors added over 5 years to their life, and people who quit smoking added over 4. Those who do not smoke added another 3 years to their life and even current smokers added more than 2. On average, runners can add 3 years to their life. Reports also show that you do not have to run longer to benefit from this discovery. Individuals can jog lightly for 15 minutes at a time. There is still research being done, but many studies have shown these results.

Increases Mood

Research shows, that jogging can improve happiness. Depression can be reduced by this exercise, and possibly be treated as well. Endocannabinoids, a hormone found in the brain that controls pain sensations and mood, are released. This hormone makes individuals feel happier. By running, you will feel healthier and enjoy activities more.

When jogging, be sure to wear the proper running shoes that fit and offer support to benefit from these positive health effects. Need some extra motivation? Check out this informative video below about why should be running.